HebronCare: Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day in Shayan

With care to your health

To avoid getting emotionally drained by the onslaught of negative energy, it’s better to take a proactive approach to your mental health and well-being. So what should you do when you are under the weather or just feel like having some rest from your work?
There are two possible ways of letting positive vibes get into your life. First off, you can personally plan and organize your freetime activities to refresh your spirits. Or, you can pass everything on to your employer allowing your company to help recover. Sure thing, not every company is ready to provide its employees with free on-demand recreational opportunities.
But working at HebronSoft is a whole different story. In line with the HebronCare initiative, the company is happy to empower its employees, clients, and IT Academy students with a great chance to spend their time in one of the most picturesque places in the evergreen Transcarpathian region.

Meet Shayan: The pearl of nature

While choosing the best place for the Hebron healthcare resort, the team just couldn’t but get their hearts set on this real gem of beauty. And everyone can clearly see what makes Shayan such a breathtaking place. Situated right at the bottom of the Carpathian Mountains, Shayan lies in the valley just in-between three immense mountains covered with thick forests. The village of Shayan has a unique climate that has a positive impact on physical and mental health. What’s more, the resort boasts a number of healing mineral springs that are believed to cure nearly all diseases of the mind and body.
The valley of Shayan has natural protection against cold and high winds, which makes this spot an all-year recreation center of the region. On top of this, the local authorities and businesses have started investing heavily in the development of its infrastructure. It has already resulted in numerous refinements like better roads, gas and service stations, ATMs and cell phone merchants, groceries and drug stores, not to mention national cuisine restaurants and exclusive wine barrel houses with tasting rooms for Shayan vationers.

Hebron opens up vibrant opportunities for work and rest in Shayan

After defining Shayan to be its recreation center perfectly suited for all kinds of treatment and entertainment activities, HebronSoft has added much value to the location. It was understood that any guest, be it a client, employee, or an academy student, should be provided with all the communication facilities necessary to stay productive even at the resort. To do so, the team has ensured smooth Internet connection along with Wi-Fi hotspots. The company is ready to provide its friends and colleagues with powerful laptops and other equipment. For the sake of convenience and time saving, HebronSoft has got you covered with shuttle and accommodation services. We also enabled special Family+ options for those who tend to show greater performance while working in a homelike atmosphere.



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